Sunday, August 31, 2008

august inspiration

has it really already been a whole month? apparently august has come to an end, without me being completely prepared for it. regardless, although i'm sad to see this last day of the month - and nearly the last day of summer - i am also excited for all the changes coming my way. school is soon to start, lots of things will be moving and shaking and changing in my life and hopefully for the better! here are some of the images i've collected for inspiration over the month of august:

marilyn monroe, kate moss with pink hair, vintage ladies, high waists, full skirts, muted pastels, old school glamour, moth wings and red lips!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

the king of pop

 i recently dug up an old copy of michael jackson's moonwalker and first of all, it may just be the oddest movie i have ever seen. lots of sequins, leather, and weird creepy 80's claymation. HOWEVER, once you looked past the confusing plot line and the strange time warp feeling, there is no denying the fact that michael jackson circa 1988 was a fashion icon. the way he referenced the 1950's greasers and teddy boys, combined creepers and motorcycle jackets and threw some sequins on top was totally new and totally amazing. of course, like everything groundbreaking, he may have been a little extreme - but i don't think it would hurt a bit to borrow a few tips from the man who invented the moon-walk. 

my mj polyvore:

how would you work a little mj into your wardrobe?

Friday, August 22, 2008

city streets

yesterday i had a mini photoshoot, photographed by my boyfriend joshua, who is wonderful with a camera (check out his flickr).
all of these dresses are going straight to my new etsy store! i'm super excited about how the photos came out, and playing dress up on the streets of san francisco. i'm also pretty excited about my new etsy shop - new beginnings and all of that!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

adventures in hair color! part II

as some of you may remember, somewhere around a week ago i attacked my platinum hair with a bottle of red hair dye and ended up loathing the results. FORTUNATELY, i am a very lucky girl with very amazing friends and family who were all immediately willing to help me out of my hair troubles! my lovely hair-stylist friend michelle recommended that i get a good deep conditioner and start washing my hair with dish soap to fade the color. after a week or two of following these directions, my hair is now a very bizarre, but VERY faded, shade of peachy-red. observe:

even though this isn't exactly, well, a real color, it does excite me because it's faded so fast and so well! i am currently in the process of setting up a consultation with an actual, professional(!) hair stylist in order to fix this whole debacle! it's been years since i've given my hair up to the hands of a skilled professional, so this is very exciting! i am still not sure exactly what color i would like, especially since i dont exactly know what colors are possible at this point, but i am considering going platinum again OR possibly going with my own natural hair color??

oh, decisions decisions!

ch ch changes

there have been some big changes going on with my etsy shop! i have been debating moving my etsy shop to a new url for a few months now, and i've finally done it! this means that things may be awkward for a little bit, as i am going to leave the items in my "old" shop available to buy, as well as listing items in my NEW shop, so i will effectively have 2 shops for a bit. but i do feel like this is a good and necessary change, because now my url is consistent with my shop name!

pretty pretty please come by and check out my NEW ETSY SHOP!

Friday, August 15, 2008

circus seals

2 new vintage-bow-tie necklaces up in the etsy shop!

san francisco

the san francisco weather has been so nice! it's been sunny but a bit chilly, and i've been really enjoying the opportunity to wear coats and tights again.

what i wore to wander around the parks of san francisco:

polka dot dress, thrifted
leather & "fur" coat, vintage
red belt, vintage
mustard cardigan, f21

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

dream shoes

oh be still my heart,
i'm pretty sure i just found the world's most perfect pair of shoes:

platform! pink leather! hearts! heels! gingerbread sugary goodness!

but if i must (ha!), i guess i would settle for pretty much anything created by the magical miss Minna Parikka. a few more examples of her perfection:

i think i am in love...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

buyers remorse

have you ever made a huge, impulsive hair mistake? welcome to my past week in the adventures of hair dye. now don't get me wrong, i have certainly had my fair share of bad haircuts and strange hair colors in the past. somehow, though, i must have thought that was all behind me after a year or so of lovely, well-behaved, long-ish platinum hair. but something this past week possessed me, took hold of my thoughts one day while i was out on a walk - maybe it was the change of scenery and weather, maybe it was the approaching autumn - and i promptly came home, dug a bottle of hair dye out from under my sink, and proceeded to dye my hair RED. yes, red. aka, the hardest color to remove if you end up hating it - which, of course, i did. i realized i'd made a mistake as soon as i started washing the dye out, and then came that sinking feeling in my chest - that, oh god now i have ugly hair forever feeling i'm sure we've all experienced at one time or another.

now it's not so much that the color itself is awful - i mean, if i were the right person with the right personality i'm sure i could pull it of just lovely. but the real problem is that my outsides don't match my insides, does that make sense? i've always believed that personal style should help us communicate on the outside how we feel on the inside, and i certainly don't feel bright magenta. however, i've gotten myself into quite a pickle by:

a) dying my hair the single hardest color to remove/dye over (of course)
b) being far too broke to pay for professional help

so the next few days will be full of me decided how and whether to fix this little "problem"...expect many eventful hair adventures along the way!