Sunday, August 12, 2012

We've Moved!

Hello from the future!WOW, it's been nearly 3 years since i posted in this blog!! I'm just stopping by to tell you that I've begun again, in another corner of the internet. If you've still got me on  your reading list - please add me at my new blog! find me at:

hope to see you there!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

indian summer

some outfits i've been wearing recently, plus a photo of my impression of a seahorse.
everything is either vintage or from h&m. the weather here has been wonderful, san francisco doesn't get a true summer until august but it was worth the wait!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

hats off

here's an outfit, pre-haircut, that i happened to photograph the other day while wandering around the Mission district of San Francisco (which also happens to be the best part of the city, which also happens to be where i live)

hat: vintage, MARS vintage
shirt: f21
jeans: cheap monday via buffalo exchange
cardigan: vintage, flea market

Friday, July 17, 2009



in the past few months i have moved to a new apartment with 
no internet, gotten myself a job, and finished a summer class. but enough excuses! i am back, planning on re-vamping the blog layout ASAP, and excited because i finally feel like i exist in the fashion world once again. Having a regular paycheck and some free time can do wonders for your wardrobe! 

not to mention the fact that i finally took the plunge and 
chopped off all of my hair last week. it was scary at first but i absolutely love it, and the best thing about a new haircut is that it is like the ultimate wardrobe-booster, it makes everything feel new! i have found myself putting clothes  together in different ways 
and generally being more creative and confident. anyway, here are some photos:



Sunday, April 26, 2009

Curiouser & Curiouser

my poor blog has been so neglected! this semester has been rough, very busy and distracting. but i'm finally getting back into the swing of things, and hopefully my blog will start looking a bit more lively!

recently my dear friend Amy Nelson, a fellow fashion major at my school, made an Alice in Wonderland dress for a school project - and she asked ME to model it for her! talk about a dream come true. As if there was anything i'd rather do than dress up as Alice and wander around in the woods all day having tea parties!

we took over 100 photos and they all came out amazing, here are just a few:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

fascinate me

2 more new items up in the etsy shop:

fascinator headbands!

Thursday, January 8, 2009



ok! so i must admit, i was a horrible blogger in 2008. I could waste your time with excuses but well know you aren't reading a fashion blog just for an earful of excuses SO! one of my only resolutions for 2009 will be to improve this blog! i had high aspirations for it when it started and i know this little blog can still live up to its full potential!

today i bring you some brand new items in my etsy shop!

brand new! red robin's nest headband, there will be more nest headbands but each one is unique and one of a kind!

dewdrop peacock headband, a new take on my peacock headbands, embellished with genuine swarovski crystals!