Friday, July 17, 2009



in the past few months i have moved to a new apartment with 
no internet, gotten myself a job, and finished a summer class. but enough excuses! i am back, planning on re-vamping the blog layout ASAP, and excited because i finally feel like i exist in the fashion world once again. Having a regular paycheck and some free time can do wonders for your wardrobe! 

not to mention the fact that i finally took the plunge and 
chopped off all of my hair last week. it was scary at first but i absolutely love it, and the best thing about a new haircut is that it is like the ultimate wardrobe-booster, it makes everything feel new! i have found myself putting clothes  together in different ways 
and generally being more creative and confident. anyway, here are some photos:




Kirsten said...

oh honey, i was going to comment and ask you to update! your hair looks gorgeous<3 love you.

Allix said...


Lauren said...

i love the new look. gorgeous.