Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i recently stumbled upon Tom Banwell's amazing etsy shop and had to share it with you guys. He's an artist in CA who makes these amazing, intricate laser cut leather masks. and the best part is that they're totally affordable, starting around $35! Personally, i'd kill for the Black Bird Cut Out mask. Now if only i had a masquerade ball to attend...

Monday, November 17, 2008

fall fancies!

recently i custom-made a few puff skirts for the fabulous Michaela at Reflections Of An Urbanite. She was a great customer and even better, she loves her skirts and looks amazing in them! i've been keeping up on her blog and loving all the different ways she's found to style her skirts! here's a few examples of her genius ensembles:

variations on the beige linen skirt:

and the plaid skirt she ordered, which ended up being truly amazing! i love the plaid for fall.

ALSO, here's a great photo of my friend/roommate Amy wearing one of my peacock headbands for her flapper costume on halloween!

pssst, a handful of peacock headbands are currently available in my etsy shop! plus, expect some brand new headband styles and other exciting new fancies in my shop around Thanksgiving!