Friday, October 31, 2008

Hallow's Eve

happy halloween! it is every fashion-lover's favorite holiday, a chance to dress just as crazy as you'd like without anyone thinking twice! it also happens to be the last day of october, and time for me to post some of my October Inspiration!

dark romance, gothic details, smokey eyes, haunting images and lots of mystery.....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

recent projects

i finally got around to taking some photos of a few of my recent projects. the first dress is a dress i designed for my Sustainable Fashion class in school - my goal was to create a convertible dress that was something classic and cute enough that people would actually wear it. I feel like most convertible clothing is more novelty clothing than actual wearable fashion, and i wanted to create something that was timeless, neutral enough in color and style that it could withstand several seasons, but still cute enough that it isn't boring. I ended up making this Little Black Dress out of linen. it has 4 drawstrings running at different heights so it can be made into an empire waist, a high-waist, a drop waist or a bubble hem. Or, of course, you can play around with pulling more than one drawstring at a time! I'm excited with how it came out, although there are a few things i'd change if i made it again - maybe add a little length, and some cap sleeves!

from the front, with no drawstrings pulled

from the side, with all the drawstrings pulled

here's a couple photos of some skirts i've made out of some fabric i LOVE, i'm really into checks and stripes right now and these skirts have been so fun to make. also, i have enough fabric to make more of each of these skirts so definitely let me know if you'd like to custom order one!